This function helps with the preparation of plotting data from dual inlet files. Call either explicity and pass the result to iso_plot_dual_inlet_data or let iso_plot_dual_inlet_data take care of preparing the plotting data directly from the iso_files.

  data = character(),
  include_file_info = NULL,
  filter = NULL



collection of iso_file objects


which masses, ratios and deltas to plot (e.g. c("44", "45", "45/44", "d45/44") - without the units), if omitted, all available masses, ratios, and delta values are plotted. Note that ratios should be calculated using iso_calculate_ratios and delta values should be calculated using iso_calculate_deltas prior to plotting.


which file information to include (see iso_get_file_info). Use c(...) to select multiple, supports all select syntax including renaming columns.


any filter condition to apply to the data beyond the masses/ratio/delta selection (param data). For details on the available data columns see iso_get_raw_data with parameters gather = TRUE and include_file_info = everything().

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