This package provides broad functionality for IRMS data processing and reduction pipelines.

Existing functionality includes signal conversion (voltage to current and back), time scaling (continuous flow chromatograms), isotope ratio calculations, delta value calculations, as well as easy-to-use highly flexible data calibration and visualization pipelines for continuous flow data. Additional tools on O17 corrections, H3 factor calculation, peak detection, baseline correction, etc are in the works. All implemented functions are well documented and ready for use. However, since this package is still in active development some syntax and function names may still change.


You can install the isoprocessor package from GitHub using the devtools package. Note that while isoprocessor uses some functions from isoreader, it does NOT require IRMS data to be read with isoreader, it can be used standalone with raw data obtained differently.

# installs the development tools package if not yet installed
if(!requireNamespace("devtools", quietly = TRUE)) install.packages("devtools") 

# installs the newest version of isoprocessor


To update to a newer version of isoprocessor:

# installs the newest version of isoprocessor

Troubleshooting note: depending on your workspace and operating system, you may have to re-start your R session, delete previous versions of these packages (remove.packages("isoprocessor"), remove.packages("isoreader")), and/or manually install some dependencies (e.g. the digest package tends to cause trouble: remove.packages("digest"); install.packages("digest")).


Open Source

isoprocessor is and will always be fully open-source (i.e. free as in ‘freedom’ and free as in ‘free beer’) and is provided as is. The source code is released under GPL-2.


This package is part of the isoverse suite of data tools for stable isotopes. If you like the functionality that isoverse packages provide to the geochemical community, please help us spread the word and include an isoverse or individual package logo on one of your posters or slides. All logos are posted in high resolution in the main isoverse repository.