Set peak table for a collection of isofiles. Peak tables have to have at least a file_id column but are otherwise flexible. That said, isoprocessor functionality that operates on peak tables assumes that all columns with numbers are iso_double_with_units and that retention times are recorded in rt_start, rt_end, and rt (apex retention time) columns.

  peak_table = tibble(file_id = character(0)),
  reset_missing = TRUE,
  quiet = default(quiet)



iso file(s) for which to set peak tables


peak table data frame, must have a 'file_id' column at minimum (to match with the iso_files)


whether to reset the peak_table of any iso_files whosefile_id is not in the peak_table. If set to FALSE, will preserve pre-existing peak table data instead.


This funciton will issue a warning if the peak_table has file_id values that are not part of the iso_files. It will reset peak tables for all iso_files whose file_id is not part of peak_table unless reset_missing is set to FALSE, in which case pre-existing peak table data will be preserved unaltered. To reset all peak tables, simply call this function without the peak_table parameter.

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