Nests data set in preparation for calibration calculations. Use the group_by parameter to group analyses as appropriate for calibration. Use iso_get_calibration_data to easily pull out columns from the nested data frame in all_data at any point before, during or after calibration.

iso_prepare_for_calibration(dt, group_by = NULL,
  nest_existing_calibrations = FALSE, quiet = default(quiet))



data table


what to group by for indidual calibration calculations (use c(...) to select multiple) - set group_by = NULL to avoid grouping


whether to nest existing calibrations. This is usually not necessary and only leads to larger data objects. By default, existing calibrations are therefore never included in the nested data set.


whether to display (quiet=FALSE) or silence (quiet = TRUE) information messages.


a nested data set with the group_by columns out front and the remaining data in a new nested column named all_data

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