This is a convenience function to convert the units of multiple peak table columns that are of type iso_double_with_units with the same units to a different SI prefix, e.g. from mVs to Vs. Uses iso_scale_double_with_units internally.


# S3 method for iso_file_list
iso_convert_peak_table_units(iso_files, ...,
  select = everything(), quiet = default(quiet))

# S3 method for data.frame
iso_convert_peak_table_units(peak_table, ...,
  select = everything(), quiet = default(quiet))



S3 method placeholder parameters, see class specific functions for details on parameters


collection of continuous flow iso_file objects


which columns to consider when converting units. Supports all select syntax. Columns not matching select will always keep their existing units. By default considers all columns.


whether to display (quiet=FALSE) or silence (quiet = TRUE) information messages.


a peak table data frame


which units to convert. Must be named character arguments - the values are the old units, the names are the new units. Each pair of old and new units must have the same base units and only differ in their SI prefix (e.g. Vs = mVs, V = mV, nA = A, ...)). For each unit to convert from, finds which columns amongst those found by select currently have those units.


At this time, this function cannot convert between different units yet (e.g. voltage and current), but this could be implemented using resistors values already available in the iso_files akin to the implementation in iso_convert_signals for raw data.